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Koriyama city, Fukushima prefecture, Japan

The US has twenty-three reactors of the same design as the Fukushima No. 1 reactor that is now in partial meltdown, and our federal regulators are captives of the nuclear industry.

How Obama can use the government's purchasing power to spark the clean-energy revolution.

Video may have killed the radio star, but the vocoder liberates her voice.

Will carbon capture and sequestration help us avoid runaway climate change?

The US economy rewarded the finance industry at the expense of our most creative problem-solvers. We need an innovation revival to grow our way back to health.


What effect does training soldiers to "dehumanize" the enemy have on us? And are video games giving us in some part the same training?  

April 9, 2010

The iPad -- It's very strange. It started arriving in stores April 1 and the reviewers are already calling it a game changer but one aspect of the new device is causing consternation among some.

April 1, 2010