Forensic Analysis Shows the Real Planned Parenthood Scandal Is the Videos Themselves

A review finds evidence the sting videos had been “manipulated” and “deceptively edited.”

Zoë Carpenter

Walmart Just Instituted Its Own Assault-Weapons Ban

The store is still the country’s biggest gun retailer, however.

George Zornick

Rays of Light in the Shadow of Dark Money

Amid the onslaught of anonymous political donations, some grassroots activists are gearing up for a counteroffensive. Here are five promising strategies for 2016 and beyond.

Alyssa Katz

Climate Change

Three Weeks After Obama Announced His Clean-Power Plan, He Greenlit New Oil Drilling in the Arctic

What’s driving the president’s bafflingly two-faced climate policy?

Mark Hertsgaard

Republicans Aren’t Fooled by Scientists

Everyone knows climate change is just a theory. Also, Al Gore is fat.

Tom Tomorrow

Hawaii’s Governor Dumps Oil and Gas in Favor of 100 Percent Renewables

An unlikely partnership between Hawaii’s local government and the US military makes the island a leader in energy policy.

Juan Cole

Focus on 2016

No Surprise: Trump Is a Union Buster at His Own Hotel

Amid the buffoonery of Donald Trump’s campaign, workers at his Vegas hotel are demanding justice.

Michelle Chen

Even the GOP's ‘Serious’ Candidates Are Way Out of Step With Mainstream Americans

Republicans are advocating a future that will drag us back to the failed policies of the past.

Katrina vanden Heuvel

Lincoln Chafee Keeps Ripping ‘Delusional’ Neocons and Democrats Who Compromise With Them

This Democratic contender is skeptical about wars, enthusiastic about diplomacy. And he has a disruptive sense of history.

John Nichols

Take Action

Defend Planned Parenthood Against Republican Attacks

After anti-choice activists released a misleading video, Republicans are intent on defunding Planned Parenthood—once again putting women’s access to much-needed health care at risk.

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