Alabama, Birthplace of the Voting Rights Act, Is Once Again Gutting Voting Rights

Alabama passed a strict voter-ID law and then closed 31 DMV offices in the state.

Ari Berman

Donald Trump Is a True Candidate of the .00001 Percent

The real question is: How has The Donald made it this far in the race?

Nomi Prins

Sanders Is Crowdfunding a Campaign, but That Doesn’t Diminish the Need for Campaign Reform

An insurgent almost matches a front-runner in fundraising, but still calls for an amendment to get big money out of politics.

John Nichols
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Focus on Public Health

Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Is a Global Crisis. Why Are We Doing So Little to Fight It?

In a co-epidemic with HIV, it’s raging across much of the world, killing an estimated 2.6 million people in 2013.

Douglas Foster

Martin Shkreli Is Just a Tiny Part of a Huge Problem

Americans were outraged over his 5,000 percent price hike of a life-saving drug. They should see what Big Pharma has in store.

Gregg Gonsalves

Illegal Abortion Is Dangerous, Birth Control Works, and Other Inconvenient Truths for Pro-Lifers

Ross Douthat thinks abortion could be criminalized without sacrificing women’s equality or well-being. He’s sorely mistaken.

Katha Pollitt
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Election 2016

Elizabeth Warren: ‘Black Lives Matter. Black Citizens Matter. Black Families Matter.’

In a landmark speech, Warren proposes a progressive politics that protects black people from violence, ensures access to the ballot box, and builds economic opportunity.

John Nichols

Sanders and Trump Offer Two Roads Out of Establishment Politics—Which Will We Follow?

In their very different ways—hope and inclusiveness vs. rancid nostalgia and bigotry—the two candidates are competing for overlapping pools of discontented voters.

William Greider

On Climate Change, Listen to Pope Francis, Not Jeb Bush

The politician says we should disregard the pope because “he’s not a scientist.” But the pope’s background is in chemistry and his counselors are top scientists.

John Nichols
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