Even After Minimum-Wage Hikes, Workers Could Still Be Getting Robbed

The new wage laws will increase minimum wages, but won’t strengthen the wage-enforcement system.

Michelle Chen

Why Hillary Clinton Benefits From a Genuine Convention Debate

Facing a barrage of well-meaning advice from Democrats panicked about Trump, Clinton needs a shift back to issues.

Joan Walsh

Sanders Has Always Wanted to Debate Trump—or Any Other Representative of the ‘Billionaire Class’

The notion of a one-on-one debate with a Republican presidential contender has long intrigued the Democratic presidential contender.

John Nichols
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Focus on HB2

The ‘Bathroom Bill’ Is an Old Ploy That Can’t Stop Our New Movement

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory and his allies are bringing back sex-panic tactics that Jesse Helms perfected decades ago.

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II

North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law Is Not the Way to Keep Women Safe

The threats to women’s safety are posed by men, not trans women. So why should trans women suffer for those sins?

Katha Pollitt

North Carolina’s Discriminatory Bathroom Law May Also Worsen Economic Inequality

HB2 could prevent cities and counties from passing pro-worker policies, including minimum-wage increases and paid-family-leave laws.

Ashe McGovern
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These Haunting Photos Show the Deadly Absurdity of the US-Mexico Border Wall

A collaboration between photographer Richard Misrach and experimental composer Guillermo Galindo captures the austere brutality of the borderlands.
John Washington

The “wall” along the US-Mexico border has always been more a weapon than a barricade. Since the implementation of Border Patrol’s Prevention through Deterrence program in the mid 1990s—which built up the wall in urban areas to force border crossers into ever more remote and deadly terrain—the effort to stop… Continue Reading >

The 2016 Election

This Will Be a Historic (and Terrifying) Election for Gun Control

Donald Trump is willing to go where few other presidential candidates have gone when it comes to gun rights.

George Zornick

Progressive Women Are Running for Office All Over the Country

The anti-Trump candidacies of Teachout, Jayapal, and Flores should serve as a reminder that, as important as the presidency is, the White House is not the only thing at stake in 2016.

Katrina vanden Heuvel

When Donald Trump Says His Foreign Policy Is ‘America First’—What Exactly Does He Mean?

Four experts consider how exactly Trump might go about making America great again.

Sherle R. Schwenninger, Heather Hurlburt, Stephen Kinzer and Juan Cole
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