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September 22, 2008

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Readers write back about the debut of a sex column, MoveOn at ten, the demise of newspapers and more.


We suffer not only from the loss of innocent life on 9/11, but because the attacks became the rationale for an unjust war. It's time to face the truth.

The Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac crisis strips the clothes off the Emperor of Markets.

U R so right: With the beehive and schoolmarm glasses, people really take you seriously!

Sarah Palin, pit bull in lipstick; Amy Goodman behind bars.

It took Gustav to make Hurricane Katrina a campaign issue.

Affluent foodies embrace sustainable agriculture, oblivious that ordinary people--especially the poor--don't have a seat at the table.

Populist politics in Denver; an elaborate fraud in St. Paul.



John McCain's fingerprints are all over our current financial crisis.


A historic line has been crossed. With no debate or commitment to policy or principle, an enormous segment of the American economy has been turned over to the government.


Drug-related violence tearing Mexican society apart. Is America next?

The Hall of Fame football legend discusses his experiences working with gangs in the black community and why the death penalty just doesn't work.

The vile politics of the party of abstinence stepped up to suffocate Bristol Palin in its embrace.

Hurricane Gustav should have been political rat poison for the GOP; instead, it became an argument for drilling.

Nothing short of a divine thunderbolt will get Obama's message through to the brain-dead media establishment.

Comix Nation

Rolling out of the hangar, ready for war.


Bob Woodward's new book on the Bush years in Iraq raises the possibility that extrajudicial killings--not the surge--were the biggest factor in reducing violence.

Seven years after the attacks, the Bush Administration's strategy to transform the world has squandered our resources, buried us in debt and poses a greater strategic threat than Osama bin Laden ever did.

It's not that big a leap from the public service work done by community organizers and the pragmatic work of coalition-building done by elected officials.

Mocking community organizers, the GOP attacks a tradition of collective self-help that's made America a more humane country.

As they serve prison time, offenders are slapped with fees they can't pay, creating a vicious cycle.

A 25-year-old certified medic, home from Iraq, can't escape the horrors of war.

Israeli writers and intellectuals look at their nation and its problems in a more nuanced and realistic way than most Americans.

Books & the Arts

Environmental writer Elizabeth Royte plumbs our obsession with bottled water.


William Eskridge's Dishonorable Passions is the first comprehensive history of sodomy law in America.


An authoritative new biography of Jordan's King Hussein offers an absorbing diplomatic history of the Middle East.


Tumbled down an incline at Bash Bish
Broke many things; it was still spring

3rd Party Article

While youth voting is on the rise, barriers to civic engagement among
working-class black youth persist. How are activists going beyond voter
registration to break down these barriers?


From the January 31, 1948, issue.


 1 and 4 Does it involve going to the glaziers for goods? (6-8)