Michael Tisserand

Michael Tisserand, the author of Sugarcane Academy: How a New Orleans Teacher and His Storm-Struck Students Created a School to Remember (Harvest), is currently working on a biography of New Orleans-born comic strip artist George Herriman.

Revisiting New Orleans Revisiting New Orleans

It took Gustav to make Hurricane Katrina a campaign issue.

Sep 4, 2008 / Editorial / Michael Tisserand

The Charter School Flood The Charter School Flood

Drastic changes in the educational system are leaving New Orleans's public schools behind.

Aug 23, 2007 / Feature / Michael Tisserand

The Katrina Factor The Katrina Factor

There's little evidence so far that Democrats will push for reconstruction in New Orleans.

Dec 14, 2006 / Feature / Michael Tisserand

Linking to New Orleans Linking to New Orleans

As New Orleans rebuilds, so does its Internet community. Here's a list of the Big Easy's liveliest sites.

Sep 1, 2006 / Feature / Michael Tisserand

Don’t Mourn, Link Don’t Mourn, Link

After the storm hit, the Internet was one of the few reliable sources of information for New Orleans. A year later, it remains a critical tool for citizens' participation in their ...

Aug 31, 2006 / Feature / Michael Tisserand

Bush’s New Storm Bush’s New Storm

The Bush Administration failed to protect New Orleans and has yet to rescue its displaced citizens. We need an independent investigation to force accountability.

Feb 16, 2006 / Editorial / Michael Tisserand

Beyond Shelters Beyond Shelters

Advocacy groups like ACORN want New Orleanians to play a role in the rebuilding of the community they had to leave. The biggest issue so far: getting refugees of the storm back hom...

Oct 20, 2005 / Feature / Michael Tisserand

Living Like a Refugee Living Like a Refugee

Not since the days of the Dust Bowl has America seen such a massive migration of refugees. Who becomes one of this tribe is a matter of race and class.

Sep 3, 2005 / Feature / Michael Tisserand