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May 19, 2008

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McCain Express to Nowhere?

Pinon, Ariz.


Tuesday's elections show the Clintons are beyond persuasion or capable of thinking beyond their own interests.

Fired Up

As waves of poverty wash over the once-affluent, it's nice to know that you can share the pain.

As executions resume in the wake of a Supreme Court decision, we are reminded that a life cannot be willfully ended without violence.

Why aren't the presidential candidates talking about Moscow's impact on our national security?

Here's a look at the roots of the campaign that seeks to discredit Barack Obama by linking him to Bill Ayers and the Chicago charity to which they each had ties.

Nasty political advertising in Mississippi and your bloated grocery bill.

What should we do when Big Media fails democracy? First, don't let it get any bigger.


Some sportswriters just don't get it.


In the increasingly unlikely event of a McCain-Clinton election, people who care about peace have serious reason to worry.

How can Barack Obama--or any candidate--overcome the sad hypocrisy of our public discourse?

A serious debate focused about torture, wiretapping, food prices, world hunger... oh, wait. That's the kind of fairy tale they don't do at Disney.

Comix Nation

Suddenly Obama-Man isn't feeling so good... he's only faster than a speeding suction cup arrow now!


This week's episode: Cyrus Kang and Conrad Waller find driving in LA can be hazardous, Congresswoman Kang and a LAPD detective get down.

As West Coast dockworkers stopped work at twenty-nine ports on May Day, students in Vermont took antiwar protests to the offices of a General Dynamics plant.

A statesman and a poet pay tribute to a historian of Russia.

Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantánamo Bay is very funny. Nothing about the real place is.

Iranians' attitudes toward Ahmadinejad range from sullen tolerance to bitter hostility.

The Pentagon has now placed resource competition at the center of its strategic planning.

How Hillary Clinton's campaign played the race card--and drove a wedge into the feminist movement.

Books & the Arts

The Visitor is that rare film that defines Arabs not as ethnic or religious stereotypes but as individuals.

Actor John Turturro discusses his latest project, a production of Beckett's Endgame at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Errol Morris's new documentary Standard Operating Procedure lacks critical distance but produces masterful evocations of Abu Ghraib.

Several new books on Martin Luther King takes a closer look at the rhetoric and economic politics of the civil rights icon.

Shelby Steele's book on Barack Obama, an outdated critique of identity politics, misses the candidate's essential power.

3rd Party Article

What do OK Go!'s Damien Kulash, the Raging Grannies and the Christian Coalition have in common? They all want net neutrality.

Because using the most popular form of cultural expression among youth may be the best way to build power and promote activism.

They're not waiting for WWIII: The millennial generation sets out to promote peace and a world without nukes.