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Billy Sothern

Billy Sothern, a New Orleans anti-death penalty lawyer and a Soros
Justice Media Fellow, is a frequent contributor to The Nation and
the author of Down in New Orleans: Reflections From a Drowned

  • Death Penalty May 5, 2008

    Cruel and Unusual Punishment

    As executions resume in the wake of a Supreme Court decision, we are reminded that a life cannot be willfully ended without violence.

    Billy Sothern

  • Cities December 13, 2007

    Waiting for Godot in a Wasteland

    The most devastated neighborhood in America makes an ideal backdrop for a morally ambiguous play about abandonment.

    Billy Sothern

  • Politics October 30, 2007

    Bobby Jindal: Not Much to Celebrate

    Some herald the election of an Indian-American Republican governor as a milestone, but the poor and black citizens of Louisiana aren't among them.

    Billy Sothern

  • Cities August 29, 2007

    New Orleans Is Us

    If the American people continue to avert their eyes from the slow death of an abandoned city, their communities may soon be the next to fail.

    Billy Sothern

  • Activism August 10, 2007

    Goodbye, St. Thomas

    In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans's ruling class is demolishing public housing to make way for private businesses and expensive condos.

    Billy Sothern

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  • Cities June 6, 2007

    Jefferson Should Go

    The people of New Orleans suffered another blow with the indictment of Representative William Jefferson. They deserve better.

    Billy Sothern

  • Cities May 22, 2007

    On the Porch in the Seventh Ward

    As the New Orleans Jazz Fest unfolded, a down-home celebration, bright with beads, sequins and feathers, took place in the city's poorest neighborhoods.

    Billy Sothern

  • Death Penalty April 25, 2007

    A Cruel and Unusual Punishment

    Billy Sothern, member of the legal team that represented Patrick Kennedy, convicted of child rape, in a landmark Supreme Court death penalty decision this week, explained the issues at stake in this 2007 essay.

    Billy Sothern

  • Cities March 27, 2007

    A Question of Blood

    History repeats itself for the white residents of St. Bernard Parish, who tried and failed to restrict rentals in their devastated streets to blood relatives, barring blacks and Hispanics.

    Billy Sothern

  • Cities March 13, 2007

    In Lieu of Flowers

    Mourning a slain young mother in New Orleans, the only way to dignify her death is to try to create real justice here.

    Billy Sothern