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Sarah Jaffe

Sarah Jaffe is a fellow at the Nation Institute and an independent journalist. She is currently working on a book about social movements since the financial crisis.


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How Ai-jen Poo’s radical vision for caregiving could remake our economy along more humane lines.

After a three-and-a-half-year struggle, workers in Cablevision’s first unionized shop finally win a contract.

Bill de Blasio was elected to unite a divided city, but some rifts are hard to mend.

Andrew Cuomo’s challenger for Governor of New York State didn’t beat him in the primary, but she did prove that no candidate is invincible.

Andrew Cuomo’s unlikely challenger for Governor of New York is gaining endorsements and giving him a headache.

While Nikki Haley’s political positions may fit squarely into the conservative Republican camp, her Indian-American identity allows South Carolina conservatives and the Tea Party crowd to boast of racial diversity in their ranks.

Security guards in Philadelphia face an uphill battle to unionize with the Employee Free Choice Act stalled in Congress.


Other countries provide childcare and income supports for poor mothers; in the United States, we arrest them.
In the final days of its last term, the Supreme Court handed down three rulings of major consequence for women. Our panelists discuss.