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Jeanne Theoharis

Jeanne Theoharis, a professor of political science at the City University of New York’s Brooklyn College, is the author of The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks.


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Waterboarding may have ended, but the US continues to torture terrorism suspects in American prisons.

Americans remain mostly blind to the abusive treatment of terror suspects on US soil.

Obama sounds the notes of racial justice at key moments, while asserting unprecedented power to implement policies that are destructive, discriminatory—and embodied by the NYPD commissioner.

The memorial to Parks turned her into a meek and redemptive figure—instead of the radical freedom fighter she was until the end of her life.

In refusing to block the extradition of terror suspects to the US, the European Court for Human Rights has condoned a brutal regimen of long-term solitary confinement.

Bradley Manning is not the only person in the US held in pretrial solitary confinement. For many facing terrorism charges, it has become standard procedure.

Terror suspects are held in US prisons on dubious evidence under inhumane conditions.