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I believe major cuts can be made in the military budget, because, like the rest of the government, it has become a source of corporate welfare. If we get private enterprise out of government and dump useless missile defense programs, the American taxpayer would be saved billions of dollars. I think any program that a defense contractor handles should be examined. You cannot trust them. Defense contracts cannot be outsourced overseas, because of logistics problems and a lack of control over the product. Boeing can't get their dream liner off the ground because outsourced equipment has not been delivered. While I opposed the Iraq war and want us out now, I was shocked at the incompetence of the Defense Department in how it handled the war. The 4th Division happened to be my last outfit in the Army at Ft. Lewis; those idiots in Washington had it sitting on the Turkish coast during the conventional phase of the war, and they are still stuck in Baghdad.

Pervis James Casey

Riverside, CA

Sep 29 2008 - 6:56pm