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She doesn’t get it

Katha Pollitt’s attitude toward progressive support for Ron Paul completely misses the point. Right now we’re in the primary process, not the general election. There is no one challenging Obama for the nomination, so all the action is on the Republican side at the moment. What many progressives are doing is changing their registration to Republican this year so that they can vote against empire, assassinations and the drug war and really have an effect on the debate within the party and the country that partisan folks like Pollitt never could. We see the contest as between Paul and a bunch of other status quo Republicans. It doesn’t mean that every one of us would vote for Paul against Obama, that option is still a long way off. But by siding against such progress Pollitt really gives the upper hand to Romney, Santorum and all the rest.

Pollitt makes Ron Paul progressives out to be sexist, unthinking fools. But she’s the one totally blinded by the Democratic Party’s facade of progressive principles. She lashes out at those who could actually influence the Democratic Party to go back to those roots should they be challenged by a man like Paul.

Daniel Pfister

Washington, DC

Jan 19 2012 - 11:38am

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