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Same-sex marriage: All cool in Canada

It is passing strange that the discussion back and forth about same-sex marriage never looks across the border into Canada, where same-sex marriages have been a fact of life for some years now. No one here is saying, “Oh, that’s the end of marriage, so we are breaking off our engagement.” Or, “We are not going to have any children because same-sex marriages are the end of the family.” The mainline congregation to which I belong had its first gay marriage last year. No one has left the church; offerings have not dropped off; parishioners are not hugging their children closer to protect them from Gross Evil. As a person with dual citizenship, I piously (and vainly) wish that persons from SCOTUS on down would cease being so provincial and look at what is staring them in the face “up here.”

Harold Remus

Waterloo, Ontario

Mar 28 2013 - 10:44pm

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