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Re-Elect the President

Endorsing the lesser of two evils is still endorsing evil

Wow. The Nation is completely morally bankrupt. How on earth could you possibly endorse a candidate about whom you write this:

To his credit, Obama presided over the end of the Iraq War and is bringing the war in Afghanistan to a close. But there is no denying this president’s spinal collapse when it comes to defending core civil liberties. Obama promised to close Guantánamo, then reversed himself. He did not end military tribunals and restore the rule of law for terror suspects. He launched a drone war that is killing civilians and fueling a backlash against the United States throughout the Muslim world. And he has not rolled back the imperial presidency of George W. Bush, as he promised; indeed, in some instances, more power has been concentrated in the White House by a president who now reserves the right to extrajudicially assassinate US citizens.

Maybe you are not morally bankrupt. Maybe you are completely insane. This is really hard to fathom. Your entire editorial basically says that by fighting tooth and nail various constituencies were able to obtain quarter-measures and lip service from this corporatist president, and therefore you endorse him strongly. What is going through your minds?

We have been choosing the lesser of two evils in this country for at least the last thirty years. Where has that gotten us? We now have a Democratic Party that is far to the right of Richard Nixon. Every time you cast a vote for a right-wing Democrat, you give the party permission to move even further to the right. How much more can the people stand? The destruction of civil liberties and the collapse of the economy is here. It is far past time to own our power and vote for someone who is on our side. There is such a candidate this year: Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party.

Obama's re-election is all but assured. The only thing we can do to help ourselves is to vote for Dr. Stein and send a message that the people are awakening and this situation will no longer be tolerated.

Andrea Stuart

Columbus, OH

Oct 10 2012 - 8:55pm

Re-Elect the President

The Thing to Fear… Is Obama Himself

The biggest impediment to the re-election of Barack Obama is Obama himself. His poor debate performance was self-destruction on a epic scale. He presented no vision for a second term and no defense of his first term or rebuttal of the false or distorted allegations asserted by Romney. John McCain self-destructed with his untimely endorsement of the “fundamentally sound” American economy that collapsed two days later. Obama’s debate disaster will resonate with voters until Election Day.

Nevertheless this election is critical because (as a letter to The New York Times succintly put it): "I fear President Obama, if re-elected, will not accomplish his goals; and I also fear that if Romney is elected he will."

The Republicans and accomodating Democrats have a history of delivering the tax and other legislation that their paymasters request. And there have been consequences. The steep decline in tax rates for the wealthy, particularly for those living on capital gains and dividends, have failed to produce economic growth but wildly succeeded in enriching the wealthy and establishing an American aristocracy. The Republicans have a perfect cover story to justify their upward redistribution of wealth: we must not burden our children with the massive deficit our entitlement society has created. The American people have accepted that line, and the Romney/Ryan ticket is ready to deliver on that promise.

A Republican Congress abetted by spineless Democrats and a White House occupied by Mitt Romney will breathe live into that NYT reader’s fear: Mr. Romney will be successful in advancing his agenda. Taxes will go down, and so will the American Dream for the vast majority of our citizens.

Asher Fried

Croton-on-Hudson. NY

Oct 9 2012 - 3:43pm

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