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How to Save the Democratic Party: Replies

Fresh new faces are needed in 2016

The best thing that can happen to the Democratic Party is for new voices to be heard instead of the same voices from the past twenty years. It is a tragic mistake to once again go the tried and true way and ignore fresh new faces that are not afraid to be bold in their ideas and decision making.

We don't have coronations in America. We are not a monarchy. The election was held five weeks ago, and already the diehard Hillary supporters want to hand the nomination in 2016 to her. There are many, many other superbly qualified Democrats—women and men, who are senators, governors, congressmen, and mayors, and all of them deserve an equal chance at the nomination. The Clintons tend to suck all the oxygen out of the room, and that is not fair to other qualified people who deserve the right to contend for the Democratic nomination. Nita Lowey was a congresswoman from New York who had planned to run for the Senate, but when Hillary was leaving the White House and told her friends she planned to run for Senator from New York, Nita Lowey was told by the Democratic machine to forget about her plans.

Impressive résumé? She said Mubarak was a friend weeks before his countrymen overthrew the Egyptian dictator, and she called Assad of Syria a reformer weeks before he began murdering and torturing 40,000 of his own people with artillery strikes and planes dropping bombs on his own cities. It was her fumbling in Benghazi, Libya, that helped cause the problems that occurred on the ground. Ms. Clinton likes to brag about her million miles traveled in airplanes to more than 100 different countries, but perhaps she needs to have her feet planted more firmly on the ground. Syria is imploding with implications for Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan; the Muslim Brotherhood seems intent on forcing an Iranian-style Islamic dictatorship on Egypt; Libya, after Qaddafi, is far from secure or on a path to effective governance; and the Israeli Palestinian issue will heat up once again. The day of reckoning for Iran is coming in 2013 as well, with either an agreement to end their pursuit of nuclear weapons or else a possible war with Israel or the United States. Great Secretary of State? Really? By what standards? Miles traveled? Countries visited?

I have voted for Democrats my entire life and proudly supported Barack Obama and believe he is doing an excellent job. I liked the fact that in 2008 I had a choice and resented the feeling back then that if Hillary Clinton wanted the Democratic nomination it was hers to have. I deeply resent, four years before our next presidential election, having party bigwigs and politicos trying to tell me once again who is the one and only best choice to represent the Democratic Party. There are many, many other qualified women in the Democratic Party who are being ignored, and that is shameful. This claim that Hillary Clinton is the only Democratic qualified to be president in 2016 is a fantasy and does a great disservice to superbly qualified people who can serve our country well.

The best thing that can ever happen to the Democratic Party is for the party stalwarts and bigwigs to begin introducing the American people to many gifted and experienced Democratic women and men who can represent our party and do so in a progressive way to build on the accomplishments of the Obama years. There is talk about Jeb Bush running in 2016, against Hillary Clinton. The last thing our country, a nation of 310 million people, needs is the same tired faces and ideas from the past twenty years once again running our government.

Mark Jeffery Koch

Cherry Hill, NJ

Dec 13 2012 - 10:44am