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The concern and perspectives coming from the USA about meat production and consumption is fascinating. It’s as if people have just woken up to the concept of how food marketing can brainwash them. What is troubling is that other nations are adopting these same standards--and they are being criticized for wanting what Americans have. If everyone knows the problems and issues, you would think they would do less of everything--less mass production, less consumption--but it's the opposite. We don't have many cows in Crete (terrain is thankfully not suitable for them), so it's still a luxury import. But eating more meat than traditionally consumed is a sign of affluence. The problems lie in the power of big agriculture and the lack of support for traditional, sustainable animal husbandry practices. Development -tourism depletes our natural resources and biodiversity (the stuff sheep and goats live on). So we can complain until the cows (or goats and sheep) come home, or we can push our governments and food industries to be honest about the issues and transparent about their actions and solutions.

Nikki Rose

Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Sep 25 2009 - 10:39am