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I work among the Honduran working class. The majority of them could not care less. Futbol is the opiate of the masses. Of the ones that have formed an opinion it is overwhelmingly in support of the Micheletti government. Among the middle class it is nearly unanimous. I have been able to witness both por-Mel and pro Micheletti demonstrations here in La Ceiba. No honest observer can claim that the turnout was anything less than ten-to-one in favor of Micheletti. The ragtag coalition of Mel supporters is composed mainly of el Bloque Popular and the Teacher's Union. There have been approximately five different demonstrations in La Ceiba where no more than fifty people and in some cases fewer than twenty have set up a roadblock making disrupting commerce for about five hours. Traffic backs up for about a kilometer or so and people get off the bus or out of their cars and walk to the other side. The demonstrators are quiet until the press comes and then they get noisy. The police do nothing except wait it out. At one demonstration one of the brave unprovoked stone-throwers connected with the forehead of a policeman and hightailed. No arrests were made no protesters were arrested.

Regarding censorship: the first few days there was censorship. However, there isn't anymore. Radio globo broadcast continuously pro-Mel dribbel. Canal 6 is pro-Mel and El Tiempo is pro-Mel. La Prensa is an opposition party newspaper. My cable service was not censored. CNN during the first day of the forced Mel exile ran Telesur feeds. CNN, the US version, soon decided that Michael Jackson's and Farrah Fawcett's deaths were more newsworthy and reduced to a minimum their coverage. However, CNN Español continued to cover the story with softball interviews of Mel and his lackeys. Whereas The Nation might be expected to perhaps be a little biased or not as balanced as a news network that is on 24/7, CNN has now earned the nickname of Chávez News Network.

Mel spent millions of dollars on advertizing and ignoring every sector of the government. He actually made Nixon appear respectful of the other branches of government. The final straw was storming an Army base to "liberate" ballots for a poll whose decree was considered illegal. You cannot find one branch of government or an ex-president that supports him.

Carla Lamelas

La Ceiba , Atlantida, Honduras

Aug 3 2009 - 4:57pm

Web Letter

Military coups are unacceptable. We need to pressure the Obama administration to pull our troops out of Honduras.

Pervis James Casey

Riverside, CA

Jul 29 2009 - 5:55pm

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