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I know for a fact that, in a tent in Camp Liberty near Baghdad, there are a group of men from all three services and ranks. They are specialist in Intelligence. They have no latrines, no lockers, no facilties of any kind. AND no duties yet for their 6 months' assignment. Most are NAVY.

More ships are now in the Persian Gulf. Do YOU smell a large, scary rat ?

Margaret W. Cleghorn

Palm Harbor, FL

Feb 22 2007 - 3:08pm

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What sickens me most about this apparently looming conflict with Iran is that the Bush regime is using the same lies it used against Iraq before going to war.

The mainstream media seems to take as a given the deceptions about Iranian involvement in Iraq, despite intel reports revealing that evidence of such is at best inconclusive.

How many wars will the Bush regime start, and how many lives will be thrown away for the greed and imperial ambition of a handful of men, before Congress and the American public stand up and do something to stop it?

Michael Kwiatkowski

Cleveland, Ohio

Feb 20 2007 - 1:53pm

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Michael Klare has written admirably about Oil Wars, revealing the news behind the "news." He should take this article to its logical conclusion, putting the "Iranian threat" into its oil context. Shiites now control almost 20% of the world's oil reserves.

In a sense Bush is right when he says, "We face an escalating danger from Shia extremists who are just as hostile to America." Many of these extremists, he averred, "are known to take direction from the regime in Iran."

Yes, control of the world's last large pool of cheaply produceable oil is profoundly threating to American hegemony, Big Oil's future profits, and Saudi Arabia's standing in the world. Iranian meddling most probably consists of nothing more than coordinating Shiite resistance to Bush's attempt to divide, conquer, fragment and privatize Shia wealth. It would also explain why the US has seized Iranian agents but fails to find concrete evidence of armed intervention.

Bush refused to invoke oil as a reason for invading Iraq, despite the fact that all other rationales proved false. Again he steadfastly refuses to talk about oil, though his every other argument is readily debunked.

It's time to label oil as our problem and engage the public in finding alternative solutions.

John Hofer

Eugene, OR

Feb 19 2007 - 12:24pm

Web Letter

Michael T. Klare's frightening mix of denial and naïveté about Tehran's ambitions are deadly dangerous.

A messianic-apocaplyptic rogue government which elevated and sanctified suicidal mass-murder, exports terrorism, horrifically violates human rights within its own borders and has recently, madly, ratcheted up its belligerent, incendiary rhetoric is to be given Klare's benefit of the doubt? He demands the American Congress PROTECT these madmen from President Bush? What is the evidence that Iran seeks a nuclear weapons capability, as distinct from nuclear enrichment for civilian purposes?" We are to rely on a splitting-hairs distinction between Tehran having only civilian purpose nuclear capabilities and not explicit nuclear weapons capability?

In the tragic nightmare we know as the Middle East, suicidal mass murder is common. An everyday occurance. And it was before March, 2003. A government venerating such insanity must not be permitted to become nuclear capable.

Edward Tully

Brooklyn, NY

Feb 18 2007 - 1:42am

Web Letter

A coworker's parents live near the Military Ocean Terminal in Sunny Point, NC. His son is a Marine who has been in Iraq since August 2006, and was wounded in a roadside bomb attack but fortunately has been able to return to duty.

Information about the terminal can be found here and here.

It is the largest munitions terminal in the U.S.

This morning, Feb. 16, my coworker received a call from his mother that there was a very large number of trucks waiting to enter the terminal. She estimated over 100 trucks. The only other time she has witnessed anything like this was shortly before the onset of the Iraq war in 2003.

This could mean that an attack on Iran is imminent. Coupled with the aircraft carrier fleet already in the Persian Gulf region (Newsweek reports a THIRD carrier group will be on its way soon), there is evidence that such action has already been put into motion.

This information must be publicized, and the Bush Administration must be made to go on record regarding its Iran plans.

Sean Fowler

Cleveland, OH

Feb 16 2007 - 11:33pm

Web Letter

I see, it is "sophisticated weapons" George Bush and his supporters are seeking (now) in Iran.

Iraq was said to have had such sophisticated technology that they posed a threat to us as well as an immediate (in 45 minutes, Blair asserted) threat to British forces. And now Iraqi insurgents need Iranians to show them how to produce explosives that are nothing more than a glorified tin can, look at it for goodness sake! It is precisely the very same unsophisticated technique passed on to the Hizbollah through the IRA in the late '80s. The neocons believe they have found the Iranian "aluminium tubes".

The 81mm shells that Bush and Co. believe is coming from Iran is also not credible. Iran makes the larger 107mm shells. The 81mm is produced by Pakistan. It is not difficult to make such a conclusion. Obviously the neocons don't have the patience to do some research on the web. Why should they when they have a steady supply of blue collar neocons willing to prove their manhood by supporting the spillage of more innocent blood.

The neocons are about to commit a blunder for which we'll pay for decades. The Persian civilisation has existed in that part of the world for several thousand years before Columbus discovered his rubber duckie floats on water. Their remarkable longevity is not because they capitulated to the likes of George Bush and WalMart Republicans short on knowledge of geography, history and most importantly, humanity.

Iran is rich in oil, and therein lies the attraction for warmongers. What the citizens of US need to understand is that theft from those who have considerably less than us is pathological.

Dressing up a false justification will only increase enmity and greater hostilities worldwide. A price we ought not bequeath to the next generation.

Sergei Etonhurst

Raleigh, North Carolina

Feb 16 2007 - 2:35pm

Web Letter

Will the US try invading Iran to find "sophisticated" weapons? What counts as "sophisticated"?

Sophisticated: advanced, ahead in development, complex or intricate;

To use this in an example: Iran is supplying sophisticated explosive devices to insurgents that have killed hundreds of our heroes fighting in neighboring Iraq for a cause they overwhelmingly support. This has been proven by tracing serial numbers.

In response to the article: I'm glad that you provided a fair look at things, showing a viewpoint from both opinions of the war. I'm also glad to see that you also gave us a thorough and conclusive alternative solution to this problem.

Since we're defining things:Sarcasm - witty language used to convey insults or scorn

Shawn Girardi

Pittsburgh, PA

Feb 16 2007 - 12:30pm

Web Letter

The US government insists that Iran is supplying Iraqi insurgents with "sophisticated weaponry". Will the US try invading Iran to find "sophisticated" weapons? What counts as "sophisticated"?

They could look for militants in Tod's loafers, wearing Marc Jacobs, carrying Louis Vuitton messenger bags while spritzing themselves with Acqua di Parma, browsing Town and Country. Does Aston Martin make Iranian tanks?

George W. Bush is wagging the dog, trying to bait-and-switch American attention from US failure in Iraq. How many Americans will fall to the mass hysteria this time?

This nation cannot budget in human numbers, or in dollars, escalation in American initiated violence.


Jerie Leep

Vian, Oklahoma

Feb 16 2007 - 2:16am