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This article is either purposefully misleading or just terrible reporting. Specifically, the voter turnout discrepancy is no discrepancy at all. It is estimated that the number of Honduran expatriates living in the USA is over 1 million. These votes have not been tabulated. The fact is that Lobo received more votes than Zelaya received four years ago. The congress overwhelmingly voted by more than 90 percent not to restitute Mel. The fact is that the great majority of Hondurans are more concerned with La Seleccion/Sudafrica 2010 than any of this. The ones that do care about politics are tired of Mel, Patricia Rodas, Miguel Inzulsa, Ortega, de Kirchner, Chávez (The Nation could be added to the list if there were more than two people other than myself who read your opinion).

This article is no more than a press release from the Zelaya/Rodas/Alba crew. If Zelaya had had any significant Honduran support from the people he would have been restored into power. Not even the rank-and-file union members followed Barahona in the so-called Resistencia.

Please do an article on the finance that Lanza and Rodas use to parade around the world bad mouthing Honduras. Who pays for this? Who paid to feed Zelaya's collection of horses? In other words; do some real investigative reporting and print it even if it goes against your world view. The truth is more important.

P.S. I might have missed it, but did The Nation do an article on the Nicaraguan midterm elections? The manipulation of Ortega of Sandinistan members of the Supreme Court to be re-elected? The treatment of the Caracas mayor, having been fairly elected but not a Chavista?

Carla Lamelas

La Ceiba , Atlantida, Honduras

Dec 16 2009 - 4:13pm

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