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Why is it that all of the left-liberal bleeding hearts are always obsessing over the poor Palestinians... and never, it seems, over all of the horror that the Arab Sudanese are doing in the Sudan to their fellow Muslim black population?

johnny benson

Riviera Beach, FL

Mar 25 2009 - 9:47am

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In reaction to Reinhard Heydrich's assassination in 1942, the village of Lidice was destroyed, all the men over 16 were murdered and the survivors were sent to concentration camps. This was an example of state terrorism, where in retaliation for some action by combatants, innocent civilians are killed. While this massacre was, in part, revenge, the basic message to the resistance organization was if you don't quit fighting us, we will kill innocent people for your actions. I have never heard of any case, during WWII, where any resistance organization quit fighting because of the war crimes of Nazi Germany or Japan. If anything, terrorism by individual, groups or nations does nothing but create hatred and longer conflicts. The Israeli/Palestinian has not been a "good" war. Both sides have attacked civilians, and the major difference between them is that Israel has the firepower to kill more civilians. But I do not expect Hamas, or any other group, to quit because of the deaths of innocent civilians. If anything, the conflict will continue to grow and more innocent civilians, on both sides, will die. Negotiations are the only road to peace and life!

Pervis James Casey

Riverside, CA

Mar 22 2009 - 1:59pm

Web Letter

Sadly, I can't help but think that this continuing situation also indicates that Hamas has no concern for the well-being of the Gaza locals.

Both sides need to negotiate a permanent cease-fire and move on to other problems and needs.

John D. Froelich

Upper Darby, PA

Mar 21 2009 - 1:37am

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