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Paul Ryan's Plan to Destroy Medicare

Heads in the sand

Paul Ryan makes a cogent argument about how he is going to fix our fiscal problems by laying out a very detailed plan of entitlement cuts and austerity. What does this mean? It means that Paul Ryan wants to convince us that by cutting entitlements like welfare, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, veterans benefits, taxes for the rich and other benefits that help the poor is good for the country. Additionally, that there should be no compromise in this proposal. He is patting himself on the back, the Republican base and the party are patting him on the back—Boy Wonder. There are few in the media who challenge his plan. Wow! Unbelievable Boy Wonder discovers supply-side economics and nobody seems to notice. The same policy that created this mess and the Great Depression, and no one makes not even a peep. Paul Ryan uses irrationalism, a fascist method of manipulation and lying, to control policy. Instead of exposing him for what he is a liar and a man with no moral character and most of all with no Christian values, he is paraded out there as a leader and a man of vision. We have to start being truthful even about Mr. Obama, who has been a failure as president.

Angel Ocasio

Brandon, FL

Apr 12 2011 - 8:24am

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