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Well, well! Another Republican father-son team! Merry Merritt's sporting with Portland's municipal funds for soccor resonates with Baby Bush's Texas Rangers' stadium boondoggle. For excellent foresight on Merritt's exploits, read David Cay Johnston's Free Lunch, published this year. Bill Moyers Journal interviewed DCJ a few months ago. Biting and well-researched, Free Lunch strips several econ-criminals down to their gym shorts, including Enron, all caught in the act of foul-line free-throws with public money. Also, find the interview on pbs.org.

Rose Marie Leather

Phoenix, AZ.

Oct 23 2008 - 5:44pm

Web Letter

We're being told that brain-dead banker junkies have organized and are demanding not just clean books/needles but the stuff that goes into them. What has been Obama's response?

Terri Schiavo tells us that precedent, if not compassion or capitalism, demands of liberals that they allow certain bodies, no matter where they're located, to fail.

Cameron Jones

Indiana, PA

Oct 23 2008 - 12:50pm