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As a student of the classics, I am sadly used to the fact that the themes and purposes of ancient drama automatically go over the heads of modern writers and reviewers. But I would really like to know where Ms. Wilson gets the idea that "human civilization is premised on the idea that human beings should not kill one another." What a misinterpretation of history! Human civilization is premised on laws, which are premised on ideas of balance, reciprocation and justice--that is, if you kill a fellow citizen, you had better have a compelling reason or the rest of your fellow citizens just may decide to kill you back. Such a glaring example of gross non-understanding in the beginning of the article very much informed the view of the play found n the rest of the article. I think Ms. Wilson--and a lot of other people--would do well to invest in a course on ancient history. Ignorance of the past does little to inform the present, and nothing to prepare the future.

Daniel Smith

Quincy, MA

Jul 14 2008 - 1:32pm

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