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Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Blair is a pathological liar with psychosis. No fewer than three superior intelligence sources--by superior, I mean demonstrably, provably, identifiably superior to Curveball-- confirmed that Iraq had no WMD. Hans Blix told Blair Iraq had no WMD.

Blair joined Bush in Iraq because Bush got him into the Carlyle Group, bought him a big fuck-off house and made Blair and his trashy wife rich. End of story.

Blair is a snakeoil salesman, a charlatan and a tart who's never had a proper job. He has presided over the destruction of the UK education system, the dismantling of the judiciary and the implementation of a police state, where police are now purchasing predator drones the better to spy on the population, for every five of whom there exists at least one CCTV observing them 24/7.

Blair dragged his country to war on a lie on behalf of a foreign power. He committed treason, for which the penalty of death by hanging still stands in the United Kingdom.

England has not been invaded for 1,000 years. Anybody older than 50 remembers, through their parents, that their parents and grandparents died to fend off the Nazis, with the Americans' help.

Why did a million men die at the Somme, why was an entire generation of British men wiped out, when the Nazis could have achieved their objectives of a fascist state simply by installing Blair in number 10 for a couple of years?

England got conned into going into Iraq. And they were conned by their own Prime Minister on behalf of a foreign power led by a psychotic charlatan.

The fury and disdain directed by Britons at Blair should not be underestimated.

And if the United States has no method of holding Blair, Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld to account, I suggest you get on with creating one.

Because until the shocking turds these men have shat over the greatest democratic constitutions in history are avenged, the stench will continue pollute us all, and may end up killing us.

Certainly it will destroy our children.

sarah davison

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Feb 11 2010 - 2:12am

Web Letter

Blair has nothing major to apologize for. The cause of human freedom has been advanced with the ending of a particularly nasty and brutal dictatorship, at a relative small cost.

Assuming that the incipient Iraqi democracy succeeds, we have a great advance for humanity. We need more such "quagmires" for helping people.

John D. Froelich

Upper Darby, PA

Feb 8 2010 - 11:21am