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October 1, 2007

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  • Editorials

    The Times They Are A-Changin’

    Politics aside, a speeded-up primary season may be a unique opportunity to rethink our notions of time altogether.

    Annabelle Gurwitch

  • Restore Integrity to Federal Elections

    The House must act now to create universal voting standards and restore confidence in our electoral system.

    Lawrence Norden

  • Fear of Restrooms

    Now that we know there's a vice squad deployed to find people looking to hook up for quickies in airport bathrooms, air travel has taken on a whole new dimension.

    Barbara Ehrenreich

  • Those Cheating Patriots

    In an era of technology-driven sports, the question of what is and isn't cheating can get pretty murky. But Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots were caught red-handed.

    Dave Zirin

  • Greece: The Fire This Time

    In the wake of catastrophic fires, Greek voters face a moment of "disaster capitalism," as key environmental and economic decisions determine how to rebuild.

    Maria Margaronis

  • The Housing Bubble Pops

    To solve the subprime mortgage crisis, start with aid for vulnerable homeowners, smarter economic policies and a more competent Federal Reserve Board.

    Dean Baker

  • Failing Electoral College

    As California Republicans seek to game the dysfunctional Electoral College, a campaign is rising to establish a national popular vote.

    Rob Richie

  • Beware the Lame Duck

    Bush may be a discredited President, but he can still do a lot of damage in the last sixteen months of his presidency.

    the Editors


  • Books and the Arts

    Art Matters

    Michael Rakowitz talks about his art, the possibility of public space and the Iraq War.

    Benjamin Tiven

  • Little Disturbances, Enormous Changes

    Remembering Grace Paley and the impact she had on literature, activism and many generations of women and children.

    Kathy Engel

  • Getting Away With Murder

    The brutal murder of a bishop and its violent aftermath exemplify post-civil war Guatemala's descent into chaos

    Peter Canby

  • Jazz As a Way of Life

    The landscape riffs on what works where,
    Scrub brush dirt, scrub brush dirt, bougainvillea
    Pamplemousse-style on sandstone
    Declining to absorb

    Jordan Davis

  • The Passenger

    In a posthumously published memoir, Ryszard Kapuscinski looks back on his life as a pathbreaking literary journalist who covered the Third World during the cold war.

    Andrew Rice

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  • Letters


    A heated exchange of views on Lakshmi Chaudhry's slam of Harry Potter and a more civilized exchange between Jonathan Schell and Peace Action's Kevin Martin on nuclear proliferation.

    Jonathan Schell and Our Readers