Supremely Bad Decisions Supremely Bad Decisions

With gleeful judicial activism, the Roberts Court swings right and sides with the interests of power.

Jun 29, 2007 / Editorial / Bruce Shapiro

High Impact: What Football Owes Its Players High Impact: What Football Owes Its Players

Congressional hearings about head injuries in the NFL raise questions about the consequences for old-timers and present-day players.

Jun 27, 2007 / Column / Dave Zirin

Remembering Vilma Espín Remembering Vilma Espín

A Cuban writer pays tribute to Vilma Espín, wife of Raúl Castro and Cuba's first lady, who fought tirelessly for the rights of women in a male-dominated country.

Jun 27, 2007 / Feature / Rosa Miriam Elizalde

The Iranian Impasse The Iranian Impasse

Five new books explore the failed progressive movements in Iran, and the dilemma the US left faces today.

Jun 27, 2007 / Books & the Arts / Janet Afary and Kevin B. Anderson

End of an Era at the LA Weekly End of an Era at the LA Weekly

The Rupert Murdoch effect: The progressive LA Weekly has gone from a well-reported newspaper to a flashy tabloid with "gotcha" articles.

Jun 27, 2007 / Feature / Jon Wiener

A War in the Heart of India A War in the Heart of India

Maoists say they're fighting for the invisible tribal peoples of India. Are they terrorists, or the product of a corrupt and unjust system?

Jun 27, 2007 / Feature / Ramachandra Guha

Andy Stern: Savior or Sellout? Andy Stern: Savior or Sellout?

SEIU President Andy Stern heads one of the strongest unions in the country. Why is he so cozy with corporations?

Jun 27, 2007 / Feature / Liza Featherstone

The Medicare Privatization Scam The Medicare Privatization Scam

Will an upcoming vote in Congress signal the end of Medicare?

Jun 27, 2007 / Feature / Trudy Lieberman

Michael Moore’s Sicko Michael Moore’s Sicko

Michael Moore's healtcare documentary is less partisan, less outrageous--but more real--than anything he's done before.

Jun 27, 2007 / Books & the Arts / Chris Hayes

The Assault on Reality The Assault on Reality

What do the Washington Post --and the rest of the MSM--have against Al Gore?

Jun 27, 2007 / Column / Eric Alterman