The Cable Guise The Cable Guise

Ten years ago, as Hungary was roiling with democratic protests, the country had two television channels, both controlled by the state.

Nov 11, 1999 / Feature / Mark Schapiro

Media, Inside Out Media, Inside Out

The recent CBS-Viacom-bination--at $37 billion, the largest media deal ever--mirrored previous purchases, like Disney's acquisition of Capital Cities/ABC and Time Warner's taking...

Nov 11, 1999 / Feature / Rory O’Connor

Indonesian Improvisation Indonesian Improvisation

Armed militias had forced most journalists to flee from East Timor by September 7, the day then-President B.J. Habibie and General Wiranto of Indonesia declared martial law for t...

Nov 11, 1999 / Feature / Suzanne Charlé

War of Words War of Words

In May 1989 a small group of radio and newspaper journalists and media activists from Belgrade took over a small room in Central Belgrade that the Central Committee of the Yugosl...

Nov 11, 1999 / Feature / Veran Matic and Drazen Pantic

Microsoft’s Fatal Error Microsoft’s Fatal Error

Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson's factual findings in United States v. Microsoft, released November 5, spell the doom of Microsoft as we have known it.

Nov 11, 1999 / Editorial / Eben Moglen

The Seven-Year (Old) Snitch The Seven-Year (Old) Snitch

Woe unto the denizens of the Washington press corps when the rest of the world discovers Bob Somerby's Web site, The Daily Howler (

Nov 4, 1999 / Column / Eric Alterman

Fashion Statements Fashion Statements

October is here, and once again it's time for post-season playoffs, foliage and fashion magazines thicker than the Old Testament with seasonal guidance for the young and voguish.

Oct 21, 1999 / Column / Eric Alterman

Bertelsmann’s Revisionist Bertelsmann’s Revisionist

The Investigative Fund of The Nation Institute provided research assistance.

Oct 21, 1999 / Editorial / John S. Friedman and Hersch Fischler

Thurow’s Infonomics Thurow’s Infonomics

We are entering, techno-boosters breathlessly proclaim, a "third industrial revolution," that of the "knowledge-based" or "new" economy.

Oct 14, 1999 / Books & the Arts / Robert J. Crawford

Navigating The Atlantic Navigating The Atlantic

Michael Kelly said all the right things upon being appointed to head the 142-year-old beacon of American letters, The Atlantic Monthly.

Oct 7, 1999 / Column / Eric Alterman