Ce N’est Pas un Président Ce N’est Pas un Président

All I want is the truth. Just gimme some truth.       --John Lennon Florida's electoral mishegoss lends itself to the exploration of an issu...

Dec 7, 2000 / Books & the Arts / Eric Alterman

Daniel Singer Daniel Singer

Death came as a release for Daniel Singer on December 2, but we feel like protesting its rude intrusion.

Dec 7, 2000 / Editorial / The Editors

‘Accuracy’ vs. ‘Speed’ ‘Accuracy’ vs. ‘Speed’

Click here for Eric Alterman's latest dispatch on Florida.

Nov 27, 2000 / Column / Eric Alterman

The Butterfly Election The Butterfly Election

On Tuesday, November 14, exactly one week after Election Day (and with no President yet in sight), a notable though little-noted disclosure was made to the public. I do not mean ...

Nov 16, 2000 / Editorial / Jonathan Schell

Left in Shambles Left in Shambles

Providence put me on a panel debating the Gore/Nader choice with Cornel West at New York University in late October. Most of the audience was for Nader, and the lineup on stage d...

Nov 10, 2000 / Column / Eric Alterman

Romancing the Screen Romancing the Screen

VINCENT CANBY As a memorial tribute to Vincent Canby, the "Arts & Leisure" section of the New York Times recently published half a page of excerpts of his prose, as se...

Nov 10, 2000 / Books & the Arts / Stuart Klawans

The ‘Stealth Campaign’ The ‘Stealth Campaign’

This issue goes to press on Wednesday, November 8, the day after the election, when all was supposed to have been decided, all was to be made clear. Instead, a great bewilderment...

Nov 10, 2000 / Editorial / Jonathan Schell

Gates Sends a Message: A Wired World Gates Sends a Message: A Wired World

Bill Gates for President--next time. Now that we've gotten used to millionaires running for the presidency, why not a billionaire and a self-made one at that? At least Gates is...

Nov 7, 2000 / Column / Robert Scheer

For Democracy Now! For Democracy Now!

Pacifica listeners, the most politically pumped-up demographic in Radioland, are taking to the e-mails again. This time they're galvanized by what they see as a move to oust Amy ...

Oct 26, 2000 / Editorial / The Editors

The Trials of Lori Berenson The Trials of Lori Berenson

The Trials of Lori Berenson New York City The Nation acknowledges that military and civilian trials in Peru violate due process of law in terrorism cases, that...

Oct 12, 2000 / Letters / The Editors, Ramsey Clark, Jonathan Levi, Liz Mineo, Ari Zighelboim, and Elizabeth Schwartz