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Labor Organizing

Labor Organizing news and analysis from The Nation

  • October 12, 2006

    Laboring Toward Election Day

    Despite the split following the 2004 election, labor groups are gearing up for the November elections like never before.

    David Moberg

  • August 27, 2006

    Hog Hell

    Low wages, segregation and dangerous working conditions in a North Carolina factory reveal a meatpacking industry where labor laws no longer matter.

    Eric Schlosser

  • August 24, 2006

    Hard Labor

    The organic label means your food is pesticide-free, but an investigation into California farms reveals that the label means nothing but pain for the workers who produced it.

    Felicia Mello

  • July 14, 2006

    Baseball Begins to Listen to Sweatshop Foes

    After pressure from the local newspaper and the City Council questioning the use of sweatshop labor to create Pittsburgh Pirates regalia, Major League Baseball seems willing to listen to activists’ complaints.

    Dave Zirin and Derek Tyner

  • June 28, 2006

    Mexico’s Labor Rebels

    On July 2, Mexico will choose a new president. Whoever wins will face an ongoing labor movement challenging the neoliberal policies of the past.

    David Bacon


  • June 28, 2006

    Harlan County Blues

    Life remains cheap in the coalfields of Appalachia because of the Bush Administration’s incompetence and neglect in the face of human and environmental tragedy.

    Erik Reece

  • May 25, 2006

    Why Mine Deaths Are Up

    The May 20 mine disaster presents more evidence that the Bush Administration places miners in peril with budget cuts, regulatory rollbacks and industry-friendly appointees.

    Peter Dreier

  • April 13, 2006

    The Case Against Coke

    A global, grassroots campaign against Coca-Cola is using product bans and lawsuits to shed light on the corporate giant’s exploitation and brutality in Colombia, India and elsewhere.

    Michael Blanding

  • February 16, 2006

    Envisioning Another World: IntegraciĆ³n Desde Abajo

    Immigrant advocates at the World Social Forum offered real alternatives to the narrow debate over how to fix the system.

    Roberto Lovato

  • February 8, 2006

    Reversing ‘Right to Work’

    Labor activists in Idaho hope to repeal repressive “Right To Work” laws and educate a new generation on the history of labor struggles.

    Sasha Abramsky