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Inequality news and analysis from The Nation

  • August 31, 2007

    Travails of the Super-Rich

    Just in time for Labor Day, a new report on the gap between the boss and the average worker is a gleefully malicious attack on the richest CEOs.

    Barbara Ehrenreich

  • July 27, 2007

    The Bloatocrats

    The New York Times turns a spotlight on the super-rich who veil their affluence in assertions of the good that they do. It makes Gordon Gekko's naked greed look good.

    Nicholas von Hoffman

  • June 12, 2007

    The Trouble With the Super-Rich

    A bloated overclass can drag down a society as surely as a swelling underclass.

    Barbara Ehrenreich

  • May 29, 2007

    CEOs vs. Slaves

    New chasms are opening in the unequal terrain of American society: To the ranks of exploited domestics and factory workers, consider the emerging proletariat of adjunct faculty and temporary attorneys.

    Barbara Ehrenreich

  • January 21, 2007

    Goodbye, Horatio Alger

    Is education widening the class divide?

    Jeff Madrick


  • December 7, 2006

    Sweepstakes of Greed, 2006

    It's getting close to New Year's and time for annual awards. And in the 2006 Sweepstakes of Greed, the winners are...

    Nicholas von Hoffman

  • December 6, 2006

    Show Me the Money

    A man can be rich, but only a nation can be wealthy. And if anyone suffers from poverty, our whole country bears the shame.

    Walter Mosley

  • September 26, 2006

    Snapshot of a Plutocracy

    Every person on this year's Forbes 400 list of America's richest people is a billionaire, who collectively possess about $1.25 trillion. Imagine how many Congressmen that will buy.

    Nicholas von Hoffman

  • August 31, 2006

    Undone by Neoliberalism

    Before the storm, neoliberalism shaped the social and economic inequities of New Orleans; after Hurricane Katrina, it worsened them by making government the tool of corporations and investors.

    Adolph Reed Jr.

  • September 29, 2005

    Running on Fumes

    Unless the federal government does something now, rising gas prices have the potential to break the blue-collar backbone of many American towns.

    Sasha Abramsky