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  • December 19, 2005

    Dances With Ghosts

    As the House of Representatives voted to allow oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Ohio Democrat Dennis Kucinich decried the back-door methods and contemplated the impact on the indigenous Gwich'in people.

    Dennis Kucinich

  • April 28, 2005

    Pete Seeger: Ain’t No One Like Him

    As part of a nationwide festival of tributes to Pete Seeger in 2005, Studs Terkel offered this essay on the life and times of an American balladeer.

    Studs Terkel

  • February 17, 2005

    Beyond Boycotts

    Absent George W. Bush's undergoing a conversion like St. Paul's on the road to Damascus, there probably won't be much good environmental news out of Washington in Bush's second term.

    Mark Hertsgaard

  • December 16, 2004

    A Challenge to Enviros

    America's environmental movement has failed and should die as soon as possible so something better can take its place.

    Mark Hertsgaard

  • July 29, 2004

    Boiling Point

    Nature doesn't compromise on global climate change; activists must not either.

    Ross Gelbspan

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  • April 14, 2004

    Sierra Club Votes for its Future

    One of the nation's most important environmental organizations is in the fight of its life.

    Ben Adler

  • February 19, 2004

    Saving the Environment

    This article is adapted from Carl Pope and Paul Rauber's forthcoming Strategic Ignorance: Why the Bush Administration Is Recklessly Destroying a Century of Environmental Progress (Sierra Club Books) .

    Paul Rauber and Carl Pope

  • January 16, 2003

    Bush’s Environmental Record

    Abandons pledge to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

    Rejects Kyoto Protocol.

    The Nation

  • February 8, 2001

    Dancing With Wolves

    The Bush Administration is relying on falsehoods when making its case for opening up Alaska to drilling.

    Alexander Cockburn