Dude! Where’s My Debate? Dude! Where’s My Debate?

The majority of Americans support fair-trade policies--so why do mainstream pundits treat the idea with so much contempt?

Feb 8, 2007 / Column / Eric Alterman

Will Congress Reform Wretched Executive Excess? Will Congress Reform Wretched Executive Excess?

Outrage over excessive rewards for incompetent executives could spark the Democratic Congress to action.

Jan 28, 2007 / Editorial / Morton Mintz

Korea-US Trade Pact Headed for Trouble Korea-US Trade Pact Headed for Trouble

South Korea is bristling over terms of the Bush Administration's proposed free-trade agreement, and so are progressives in Congress.

Jan 27, 2007 / Feature / Mark Winne

EPI’s Agenda for Change EPI’s Agenda for Change

Americans are ready for big, bold ideas to heal our social and economic wounds.

Jan 21, 2007 / Editorial / William Greider

Goodbye, Horatio Alger Goodbye, Horatio Alger

Is education widening the class divide?

Jan 21, 2007 / Feature / Jeff Madrick

The Fair Trade Democrats The Fair Trade Democrats

In an interview with Senator Sherrod Brown, Nichols shows that the new Democrats are pursuing a new trade agenda.

Jan 18, 2007 / Video / John Nichols

A Globalization Offensive A Globalization Offensive

In 2007 Congress may get real on the fallacies and contradictions of global trade.

Jan 11, 2007 / Editorial / William Greider

Globalization with a Human Face Globalization with a Human Face

Globalization must not be allowed to become financial imperialism: Capitalism's strongest-takes-all rule must give way to one that ensures that the poor have a place and a piec...

Dec 11, 2006 / Editorial / Mohammad Yunus

Sweepstakes of Greed, 2006 Sweepstakes of Greed, 2006

It's getting close to New Year's and time for annual awards. And in the 2006 Sweepstakes of Greed, the winners are...

Dec 7, 2006 / Column / Nicholas von Hoffman

The Plot Against Equality The Plot Against Equality

Walter Benn Michaels's The Trouble With Diversity challenges us to remove our race-tinted glasses and view the world in the class-based terms that, he argues, define it.

Dec 7, 2006 / Books & the Arts / Robert S. Boynton