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Drug War and Drug Policy

Drug War and Drug Policy news and analysis from The Nation

  • September 2, 1999

    Yes, Treatment, But…

    Follow these links for the other articles in this forum: the original article by Michael Massing, and reponses by Peter Kornbluh andMike Gray--and Massing's concluding thoughts.

    Elliott Currie

  • September 2, 1999


    Michael Massing

  • September 2, 1999

    An Old City Seeks a New Model

    In early December 1984, an undercover police officer named Marcellus Ward met with a pair of heroin dealers above a candy store in southwest Baltimore.

    Joshua Wolf Shenk

  • September 2, 1999

    Does Europe Do It Better?

    Listen to a debate among drug policy advocates and you're likely to hear impassioned claims about the brilliant success (or dismal failure) of more "liberal" approaches in certain European countr

    Robert J. MacCoun and Peter Reuter

  • September 2, 1999

    George Soros’s Long Strange Trip

    Research assistance: David Levinson Wilk.

    Russ Baker

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  • September 2, 1999

    Marijuana Made Easy

    For more than half a century, the US government has maintained a hard line on marijuana, denying that the plant has any medical value at all.

    Cynthia Cotts

  • September 2, 1999

    Beyond the Drug War

    Most of the media regard the coy refusal of George W.

    the Editors

  • September 2, 1999

    The Road to Reform

    Nearly everyone seems to agree that the war on drugs has been a disaster, but little progress in ending it has been made.

    Carol A. Bergman

  • September 2, 1999

    The Rest of Them Are Clean

    Elizabeth Dole won't break the law.
    McCain has scored no coke.
    The thought of Hatch with smack or crack
    Is palpably baroque.

    Calvin Trillin

  • September 2, 1999

    It’s Time for Realism

    Follow these links for the other articles in this forum: reponses by Peter Kornbluh, Mike Gray and Elliott Currie--and Massing's concluding thoughts.

    Michael Massing