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  • April 12, 2016

    Farewell to Al Jazeera America

    The end of the media empire’s US venture doesn’t bode well for American viewers—or for journalism.

    Leslie Savan

  • October 9, 2015

    The Biggest Winners of the Arab Spring? Dictators

    While authoritarian rule appears to provide stability over the short term, it breeds discontent and affirms the idea that violence is the only way to be heard.

    Mohamad Bazzi

  • October 5, 2015

    This Is What It Takes to Unionize a Newsroom

    On Tuesday, we’ll find out if Al Jazeera America’s digital editorial staff will become the latest new media workers to unionize.

    Michelle Chen

  • July 10, 2013

    Al Jazeera’s Muslim Brotherhood Problem

    Staff quits en masse over Qatar-imposed favoritism for the Brothers.

    Bob Dreyfuss

  • December 14, 2007

    Al Jazeera Goes Mainstream

    The Arabic and English satellite broadcasts are giving voice to Arabs who challenge their governments, and ours.

    Ned Lamont

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  • December 1, 2005

    The War on Al Jazeera

    A top-secret memo detailing George W. Bush's proposal to bomb Al Jazeera is not "outlandish," as the White House claims. The Bush Administration had been threatening, insulting and imprisoning Al Jazeera staffers and other unembedded journalists long before Bush reportedly floated the idea to Tony Blair.

    Jeremy Scahill