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September 21, 2009 Issue

Anna Lappé on cafeteria consciousness, Michael Pollan on the wisdom of Wendell Berry and Alexander Cockburn on Obama’s last cha…

Cover art by: Cover and issue design by Steven Brower, cover and issue illustrations by Tim Robinson

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The Nightmare of Christianity

Matthew Murray, a disturbed young gunman behind the the shootings in Colorado Springs, chose to end his nightmare and rebel against Christian-right self-help gurus and cult-like...

Food Without Fear

Bad peanuts and killer spinach: that's the food story of 2009. But in the coming months we may see a huge turning point in the fight for safety.

Vigilantes: Free to Roam?

Our investigation into the shootings of African-Americans in the days after Hurricane Katrina seems to have gotten the feds' attention; but in New Orleans, the wheels of justice ha...

By Any Means Necessary

The window is open for President Obama and a Democratic Congress to finally reform our healthcare system. Success means a bill with a strong public option, not a watered-down "bipa...




Four-Star Food Favorites

We invited readers to tell us about their most beloved food institutions.


Zelaya Speaks

In an exclusive Nation interview, the deposed Honduran president assesses the significance of his recent meeting with Secretary of State Clinton.

Zelaya’s Coup

In an exclusive Nation interview, the ousted Honduran president calls the new State Department aid cutoff a "direct blow" against the regime that exiled him.

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