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October 10, 2005 Issue

Eyal Press argues that now is the time for new policies to end the inequities of racial segregation, Robert Christgau reviews Dream Boogie:…

Cover art by: Cover by Gene Case & Stephen Kling/Avenging Angels

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Make Levees, Not War

New Orleans was top-of-mind for more than 100,000 peace advocates in Washington who delivered a clear and unified message, protesting the Bush Administration's war in Iraq and its ...

Devastation in Galveston (1900)

More than 7,000 people perished in a hurricane that swept the Texas coast on September 13, 1900. In two unsigned dispatches, The Nation described the scene. September 13 ...

The Roberts Converts

The political chess match between the White House and Senate Democrats over the future of the Supreme Court took on new complexity as three Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Commit...

Sturm und Drang

As political parties in Germany dance toward a coalition following the stalemated elections, the country is in for a turbulent month--and new elections are a serious option.

Talks Without End

An agreement between the United States and North Korea resolving longstanding differences on nuclear weapons and energy programs at first was cause for celebration. But in fact, no...

‘One Nation, Fragmented’

It took a Gulf Coast hurricane to make Americans aware of the poverty in their own backyard. Now it's time for public policies that end racial segregation, so that the poor in this...

Prez on the Precipice

The waning political power of the Bush Administration poses a huge opportunity for Democrats to revitalize the party and challenge the President's flawed vision of hurricane recove...


New Orleans Is Us

New Orleans was not an unpredictable disaster--it was a model for the incompetence of the Bush Administration. And when the next disaster comes, we will all be under water.



The Porn of War

What began as an amateur porn site has become a magnet for graphic images of combat and derisive comments posted by US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. But military officials a...

Blackwater Down

With military and law enforcement forces combing New Orleans in the wake of the storm, why did the federal government feel compelled to hire private security firms Blackwater USA a...

Books & the Arts

Anywhere But Here

Tim Burton enlivens the dark and gloomy life of corpses and aristocrats in Corpse Bride; Occupation: Dreamland offers an unsentimental view of Iraqi soldiers.

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