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Sharon Olds

  • January 19, 2017

  • Activism September 19, 2005

    Open Letter to Laura Bush

    Poet Sharon Olds writes an open letter to Laura Bush, explaining why she won't break bread at the White House.

    Sharon Olds

  • Poetry November 2, 2000

    Green Bee

    It was curled on the pavement, forehead to knees,
    as if it had died while bowing. Its stripes
    were citrine-yellow, and the black of a moonless
    starless, clear night. It did not
    belong on a street, to be stepped on, I picked it
    up in a fold of glove, and in the taxi
    canted it onto a floral hankie,
    a small, thin, cotton death-glade--
    and the bee moved, one foreleg,
    like an arm, feebly, as if old. It seemed
    not long for this world, and it seemed I could not
    save it, and had been saved, by its gesture,
    from smothering it all day in my bag. I would have
    liked to set it in a real glade,
    but I thought that it might still, right now,
    be suffering, yet I could not kill it
    directly--I shook it, from the hankie, out the window,
    onto West End Avenue,
    hoping that, before a tire
    killed it, instantly, it would hear
    and feel huge rushes of tread and wind,
    like flight, like the bee-god's escape.

    Sharon Olds

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