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November 29, 2004 Issue

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  • Editorial

    Letter From Ground Zero

    A remarkable number of those in Blue America who hoped for an end to the Bush era on November 2 received the news of his election victory almost as if it had been a physical blow.

    Jonathan Schell

  • After Arafat

    "My first reaction is: God bless his soul," answered George W.

    Graham Usher

  • Banned in the USA

    To describe the election results of November 2 as a setback for LGBT rights is an understatement.

    Christopher Lisotta

  • The Faith Factor

    Of all the loathsome spectacles we've endured since November 2--the vampire-like gloating of CNN commentator Robert Novak, Bush embracing his "mandate"--none are more repulsive than that of Democ

    Barbara Ehrenreich

  • Ashcroft and After

    Where will we be without John Ashcroft, his German shepherd's mug and fanatic's heart?

    the Editors

  • Yasir Arafat

    Yasir Arafat died just as he lived most of his life, giving mixed signals to the world, provoking rivalries among intimates and arousing wild speculation from allies and enemies alike.

    the Editors

  • A Stolen Election?

    Before the vote-counting was done, the e-mails started arriving. The election's been stolen! Fraud! John Kerry won! In the following days, these charges flew over the Internet.

    David Corn

  • Books & the Arts

    Dark Habits

    As times change, so do the questions that a movie prompts.

    Stuart Klawans

  • 2004 Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize

    The tasks of poetry have never been more important or more difficult than they are now.

    Brenda Hillman

  • Masters of Their Universe

    Beginning in the fifteenth century, Africa, Europe and the Americas came together in the Atlantic to create new economies, new cultures and new societies.

    Ira Berlin
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