Samuel Loewenberg

Samuel Loewenberg, a journalist based in Madrid, has written for the New York Times and Time, among other publications.

Letter From Spain Letter From Spain

When she was 30, Mónica M. fled her violent husband, taking her two small children and only the clothes on her back. But leaving did not solve her problems.

Nov 11, 2004 / Feature / Samuel Loewenberg

A New Day in Madrid A New Day in Madrid

Spaniards were bewildered by the American view of their vote to kick out the ruling conservative party as a sign of weakness.

Mar 21, 2004 / Feature / Samuel Loewenberg

A Vote for Honesty A Vote for Honesty

Click here to read Lowenberg's dispatch from the March 20 peace march in Madrid.

Mar 18, 2004 / Editorial / Samuel Loewenberg

Dispatch From Spain Dispatch From Spain

The Spanish capital took on the air of a battle zone the weekend after the war began, as antiwar protesters clashed with riot police throughout the city.

Mar 27, 2003 / Feature / Samuel Loewenberg