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March 28–April 4, 2016 Issue

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  • Editorials

    How We Got Trumped by the Media

    They’re so obsessed with “The Donald” that they can barely be bothered to cover the other candidates, much less the important issues.

    John Nichols

  • Cuba and the United States Play ‘Béisbol’ Diplomacy

    As Obama prepares for the first visit to the island by a US president in 88 years, the two nations reconnect through a shared pastime.

    Peter Kornbluh

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  • Books and the Arts

    Margaret Thatcher’s Fogeyism

    Charles Moore, the prime minister’s authorized biographer, believes the successes of Thatcherism to be self-evident, and he frequently lets his biases show.

    K. Biswas

  • A European Union?

    Stefan Zweig’s essays in Messages From a Lost World are a product of his displacement and a sharp reminder to citizens about the agony in the present age of the refugee.

    Gavin Jacobson

  • A Critic’s Job of Work

    I don’t see my job as making or breaking an artist. I have other responsibilities toward art.

    Barry Schwabsky

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