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June 7, 2004 Issue


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  • Editorial

    On Israel

    Is there any sense in the independence of one people at the expense of the fundamental rights of the other?

    Daniel Barenboim

  • Nation Notes

    Katha Pollitt has been named the Charles Lawrence Keith Fellow at the Nation Institute.

    the Editors

  • India’s Radical Vote

    The Indian people have delivered a stunning electoral blow to the right-wing National Democratic Alliance, led by the Hindu-chauvinist Bharatiya Janata Party, and paved the way for a multiparty r

    Praful Bidwai

  • Outsourcing Is Hell

    The war on Iraq has made us all painfully aware of the Pentagon's growing reliance on private companies.

    William D. Hartung

  • Election Matters

    By identifying himself as an antiwar candidate seeking the rapid withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, and by using his still considerable media skills to spread the word about his stance, Ralph Nad

    John Nichols

  • Orders to Torture

    The Abu Ghraib prison scandal now implicates the highest levels of the Bush Administration in violating federal law and in war crimes.

    the Editors
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