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Alfred Corn

Alfred Corn’s newest collection of poems, Contradictions, will be published next year (2002) by Copper Canyon Press.

  • May 20, 2004

    From the Prompter’s Box

    Those first-nights when I see my charge’s panic,
    And, in quick whispers, slip him mislaid lines,
    Untangled recognition scenes will light

    Alfred Corn

  • PoetryFebruary 19, 2003

    Poets Against the War

    Here The Nation presents a few of the works posted on "Poets Against the War," (, the website set up by Sam Hamill, poet and editor, when he called for poems and statements against war in Iraq.

    Alfred Corn, Sam Hamill, W.S. Merwin, Maxine Kumin and Rita Dove

  • PoetryMay 16, 2002


    As if to move a flexible sphere from here
    to there with unassisted head and foot
    were natural and obvious. As if
    a dance could always bow to resolute
    constraint and never be danced the same way twice.
    As if whistles and cheers, the hullabaloo
    of fervent gazers were all the music needed
    to keep its players’ goals in tune. So that
    as they weave, dodge, collide, collapse in breathless
    haystacks–and rise and fall and rise again–
    we’re made, if not one, then at least whole.

    Alfred Corn

  • PoliticsAugust 9, 2001

    Merrill Table Talk

    Alfred Corn reviews Alison Lurie's Familiar Spirits.

    Alfred Corn

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  • BiographyJuly 22, 1999

    Poetry’s Ball Turret Gunner

    Has anyone read John Dennis? Irving Babbitt? Gorham Munson? Probably not, though they were considered important critics in their day.

    Alfred Corn