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July 5, 2004 Issue

Esther Kaplan reports on the Christian Right’s effort to stop gay marriage, Doug Henwood shares some surprising marriage statistics an…

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Divining the Court

Our best legal brains are still scratching their heads about the Supreme Court decision in the Pledge of Allegiance case (see Elisabeth Sifton, "

Election Matters

We seem to have arrived at another of those bizarre and somewhat surreal moments when the media have "rediscovered" America's evangelicals.

Two, Three, Many Iraqs

With the recent US setbacks and scandals in Iraq, you'd think the White House would abandon the President's aggressive, unilateralist military policy--the "Bush Doctrine"--and...





A web-only article "An Engaging Encounter" posted on June 21 incorrectly identified the sponsor of a pre-marriage program. Catholic Engaged Encounter had no involvement in t...

Can Marriage Be Saved?

A forum with Ellen Willis, Martha Fineman, Patricia Hill Collins, Judith Butler, Susan Brownmiller, E.J. Graff, Michael Eric Dyson, Judith Stacey and others.

Books & the Arts

By Any Means Necessary

In June 1965 James Farmer, leader of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and longtime champion of Gandhian nonviolence, arrived in Bogalusa, Louisiana, to support a desegre...

Scenes From a Marriage

Conventional wisdom suggests Israelis and Palestinians are bitter enemies: two sides mired in a century-long conflict marked by violence, hatred and an unbounded reservoir of ...

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