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January 7, 2008 Issue

Peter Schrag on immigration, Luvh Rakhe on the writers strike, Colin Fleming on Julio Cortazar and Carol Dunlop…

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Election ’08

As Iowans are poised to kick off a front-loaded political season, do standout candidates Edwards and Obama have the potential to appeal to progressives?


Zapatista Code Red

Ten years after the massacre of indigenous people in Chiapas, Zapatistas are reading signs that the Mexican government is poised for another wave of repression.

‘Bad for the Jews’

A paradox of American Jewish political behavior: they think like liberals, but they let belligerent right-wingers who demonize and distort their values speak for them.



Return of the Swift Boaters

As conservatives stare into an electoral abyss, the shadowy group that smeared John Kerry in 2004 has reorganized and stands poised to do its dirty work again.

Pakistan Without Benazir

The deeply flawed, arresting, autocratic Benazir Bhutto had the wherewithal to save her country but repeatedly disappointed. Yet she represented the best secular option for breach...

About Citizen Kang

Political fact marries political fiction in Citizen Kang, an online serialized novel that unfolds in weekly installments on The throughout Campaign 08.

Another Death in Rawalpindi

The killing of Benazir Bhutto echoes Pakistan's troubled history, portends more violence and flags a proud country's collapse into chaos. It also signals the manifest bankruptcy of...

Wide Stance

Meet California Congresswoman Cynthia Kang, a woman of considerable political ambition, and some secrets. Episode 1 of an ongoing online political mystery.

State of the World 2008

The United Nations' chief troubleshooter and mediator, Lakhdar Brahimi, considers what should come next in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan and how US foreign foreign policy went so far ...

Best of The Nation 2007

It was a year of alarming news and amazing reporting on the Iraq War, the rise of private mercenary firms, the burgeoning business of disaster capitalism, an ever more vulnerable e...

Books & the Arts

Car Talk

A mock-heroic travelogue by Julio Cortázar and his wife captures the contemplative life on the road.

Western Promises

From the archive: A book by a former ICTY official offers a vivid insider's account of realpolitik at the Milosevic trial.

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