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January 7, 2002 Issue


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  • Editorial

    Letter From Ground Zero: December 20, 2001

    As the Taliban retreat in Afghanistan, the Bush administration has ample opportunity to expand its far-reaching ‘war on terror.’

    Jonathan Schell

  • Ms. Heads West

    What's next for Ms. magazine now that it's hit the ripe age of 30 and is now heading west?

    Lauren Sandler

  • Press Watch

    For three months now, I've been closely following the coverage of September 11 and its aftermath; how well have the media done?

    Michael Massing

  • Big Media, Bad News

    Media consolidation is creeping in slowly while the public’s attention is elsewhere—is it too late to fight back?

    the Editors

  • Mission Unilateralism

    The Bush administration's abandonment of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty was a win for Rumsfeld's Defense Department—but it could be an obstacle for the State Department.


    the Editors

  • Dems Pray for DeLay

    Republican majority leader Dick Armey announced that he will retire from Congress, and Democrats are hoping that Tom DeLay will replace him.


    David Corn

  • AIDS: Another World War

    The war on terror is threatening to overshadow a far more deadly threat—the AIDS epidemic.

    Salih Booker
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