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January 7, 2002 Issue

Mark Crispin Miller details the media cartel and its cultural effects, John Nichols and Robert McChesney call for a new national media reform movement, Jeffrey Chester explains why the public policy battles being waged to rein in the "old media" are important to the future of the "new media," Lauren Sandler looks at where Ms. is heading and Salih Booker examines the other world war.

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Press Watch

For three months now, I've been closely following the coverage of September 11 and its aftermath; how well have the media done?

Mission Unilateralism

The Bush administration's abandonment of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty was a win for Rumsfeld's Defense Department—but it could be an obstacle for the State De...

Dems Pray for DeLay

Republican majority leader Dick Armey announced that he will retire from Congress, and Democrats are hoping that Tom DeLay will replace him.





Posting Ideas

To keep the press free, Ben Franklin made sure that periodicals once got preferential treatment from the USPS. It's time to revisit that idea again.

Food Fight

Organic farming critic Dennis Avery is supported by generous contributions from several chemical companies, all of whom profit from the sale of products prohibited in organic pr...

Egyptian Justice, US-Style

Once roundly condemned for his use of using military courts for civilian crimes, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is now in good company now that the US and the UK have adopted ...

Books & the Arts


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