Salih Booker

Salih Booker is the president and CEO of the Center for International Policy.

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The Willful Self-Delusion of American Independence Day The Willful Self-Delusion of American Independence Day

The United States has endeavored toward but rarely lived up to ideals. Enough is enough.

Jul 2, 2021 / Salih Booker and Diana Ohlbaum

Israel tank

Israel’s Military, Made in the USA Israel’s Military, Made in the USA

US aid fuels the Israeli military. Could it also become a point of leverage for peace?

May 21, 2021 / Salih Booker and William D. Hartung

Genocide in Darfur Genocide in Darfur

Africa Action has launched a petition, supported by the Congressional Black Caucus, that calls on Secretary of State Colin Powell to name the genocide in Darfur and to support imme...

Jun 24, 2004 / Editorial / Salih Booker and Ann-Louise Colgan

Aid–Let’s Get Real Aid–Let’s Get Real

The Africa trip of Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill and Irish rock star Bono produced a bumper harvest of photo ops and articles about aid to Africa. Unfortunately, media coverage ...

Jun 20, 2002 / Editorial / Salih Booker and William Minter

AIDS: Another World War AIDS: Another World War

The war on terror is threatening to overshadow a far more deadly threat—the AIDS epidemic.

Dec 20, 2001 / Editorial / Salih Booker

Global Apartheid Global Apartheid

The concept captures fundamental characteristics of today's world order.

Jun 21, 2001 / Feature / Salih Booker and William Minter

Bush Medicine for Africa Bush Medicine for Africa

The Bush Administration's health policies for Africa basically amount to the moral equivalent of the death penalty for 25 million people.

Feb 8, 2001 / Editorial / Salih Booker