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January 28, 2008 Issue

John Nichols on John McCain, Chris Hedges on Christianizing history, Ruthie Ackerman on Liberia’s child soldiers.

Cover art by: Cover by Gene Case & Stephen Kling/Avenging Angels

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Obama’s Wide Net

His web-driven, self-starting activism could be the key to getting his message out--and bringing young voters to the polls on Super Tuesday.


Rainbow/PUSH's Wall Street Project Economic Summit, the no-show Golden Globes, postwar suicides.

The Race Is On

Throw polls and pundits out the window: the race will be decided not by kingmakers but by the voters themselves.


American Pie

Don't let the media or the right-wing spinmeisters reduce our first-ever serious black and female presidential candidates to stereotypes.



The Real Mike Huckabee

An interview with a preacher and longtime political confidant reveals that Huckabee's not the sunny figure the media's leading lights have conjured up.

The Voter ID Fraud

The conservatives ensconced on the Supreme Court are set to uphold draconian ID requirements on voters that will redefine electoral politics in America.

Books & the Arts

A Hard Man

Paul Thomas Anderson's masterful There Will Be Blood pits an oil baron against a preacher in an epic contest of wills.

Battle Pieces

In This Republic of Suffering, historian Drew Gilpin Faust strips from the Civil War any purpose beyond massive slaughter.

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