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January 12, 2009 Issue

Henry Siegman on Mideast peace, Calvin Trillin on tossed shoes and Anatol Lieven on America’s Russia policy…

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Israel’s New War Ethic

The masters of Israel's war on Gaza have fashioned a bizarre moral code that provides humanitarian assistance to the very civilians they are shooting at.

Israel in Gaza: Irrationality

It is not rational to believe that the Palestinians in the occupied territories will be terrorized by force and violence, by cruelty, by starvation or by slaughter into a docile ac...

A Memo to Obama on Israel

The following humble suggestions are based on my 70 years of experience as an underground fighter, member of the Knesset and founding member of a peace movement in Israel.

Israel’s War Crimes

Israel's assault on Gaza is a massive violation of international law. Nations that have supplied weapons and supported the siege are complicit in the crimes.

The Kiss

Let us pause, amid the muddle of the moment in this season of renewal and fresh starts, to consider fundamental things.

Good God, Bad God

If Rick Warren, Barack Obama and the gay community can find common ground, it'll be on civil, not religious, grounds. So let's separate church and state.


A closer look at Obama's "green team," journalists behind bars and John Nichols on potential labor secretary Hilda Solis.

Ideas for a New Era

It's time for progressives to create coalitions and craft smart strategies that will push Obama and the new Congress to seize this moment.




To Live and Die in Gaza

As Israel’s bombardment of Gaza continues, a Nation contributor with roots in the region gives voice to the on-the-ground experience of those who have endured the attacks.

The View From Tel Aviv

Israel's attack on Gaza has benefited the current leadership, especially Defense Minister Ehud Barak, in pre-election polling. But do they have an exit strategy?

Beyond Rubinomics

If we stimulate the economy and maintain high rates of growth, higher wages will create the savings required for investment.

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