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February 14, 2005 Issue

Danny Glover and Bill Fletcher Jr. detail a winning strategy for progressives, Eric Foner argues that “freedom” belongs to all a…

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Chertoff and Torture

Back on Friday, June 12, 2002, the Defense Department had a big problem: Its new policy on torture of captives in the "war on terror" was about to be exposed.




Punishing the Wrong People

A federal magistrate in Georgia sentenced eleven people to prison for up to six months last week for crossing the line onto a military base in an act of nonviolent civil disob...

Books & the Arts

The Moviegoer

If Herbert Marcuse and Senator Joseph McCarthy had gone to a movie together in the late 1950s--and that could only happen in a movie--they would have walked out, probably not ...

Intolerable Cruelty

On May 22, 1787, nine Quakers and three Anglicans gathered in a London print shop with the express purpose of doing something about the international slave trade.

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