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February 14, 2005 Issue

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  • Books & the Arts

    from Love in the Time of War

    Tonight, the old hard work of love
    has given up. I can’t unbutton promises
    or sing secrets into your left ear
    tuned to quivering plucked strings.

    Yusef Komunyakaa

  • The Moviegoer

    If Herbert Marcuse and Senator Joseph McCarthy had gone to a movie together in the late 1950s–and that could only happen in a movie–they would have walked out, probably not together, and demand

    Lee Siegel

  • Intolerable Cruelty

    On May 22, 1787, nine Quakers and three Anglicans gathered in a London print shop with the express purpose of doing something about the international slave trade.

    Daniel Lazare
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