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August 4, 2003 Issue

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  • Books & the Arts

    What Are They Reading?

    I’ve been bashfully mute amidst the chatter over Norman Rush’s new novel, Mortals, because he wasn’t on the modest list of Writers I Know About.

    Timothy Bradley

  • Badlands

    It’s always good fun to see a boy wax romantic over the first girl to give him a handjob–and if the boy should be a black-hatted Jew, the fun is only improved.

    Stuart Klawans

  • Charlotte’s Web

    In 1890 the American feminist Charlotte Perkins Gilman wrote a remarkable short story, “The Yellow Wallpaper,” about a woman–genteel, educated, with more than a casual taste for intellectual l

    Vivian Gornick

  • Written in Memory

    Helen Keller may be the world’s most famous supercrip.

    Michael Bérubé

  • Lady Day

    Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s new book, The Majesty of the Law, appears at a particularly auspicious moment. As the swing vote on and author of Grutter v.

    Herman Schwartz

  • The Bourgeois Revolutionary

    Publishers, even academic presses, know that the public likes biography and cater to this taste with a stream of handsomely produced, and often quite well-written, volumes.

    Robin Blackburn
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