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August 2, 2004 Issue

Planks for a people’s platform by Howard Dean, Lani Guinier, Arthur Miller, Walter Cronkite, Granny D, Margaret Cho and many others.

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Neocon Riots Rock DC

Areas of the nation's capital were in ruins as protests continued against a bill that would revive the military draft, but only for neoconservatives.

Slow-Gear Democrats

In many ways, Senator John Kerry is the perfect candidate for the Democratic Party--handsome and serious, well regarded if not widely loved, deeply experienced in governing po...

Kerry: No W. (& No Bill)

A friend of mine in Los Angeles reports listening to a radio station that caters to middle-class African-Americans and hearing repeatedly from hosts and callers that there's l...

Election Matters

Rosa DeLauro, the savvy Connecticut Congresswoman whom Democratic leaders and the Kerry for President campaign put in charge of drafting the party's 2004 platform, says, "It r...

Freedom’s Trail

As Democrats prepare for their convention in Boston, they should ponder the city's catalytic role in American history.


Wrong Again

Nearly every day brings fresh evidence that the Bush Administration deliberately undermined the security of this nation by misleading us into a costly and potentially ruinous ...

Lead Balloons

I'm riding an elevator in downtown Boston. There is a sign warning of travel restrictions during the last week of July. A woman gets on. We both stare ahead as per elevator et...



Time’s Up

Though Bush trumpets his commitment to the AIDS fight, the delegation he sent to Bangkok was rather anemic.

A People’s Democratic Platform

Howard Dean, George McGovern, Walter Cronkite, Ellen Chesler, Margaret Cho, George Lakoff, Bakari Kitwana, John Brademas, Arthur Miller, John Sayles, Chuck Close, Andrew Jay Sch...

Books & the Arts

His Majesty, Prince

The 46th annual Grammy Awards ceremony began with a surprise performance by the pop virtuoso who is once again calling himself Prince.

Living to Tell the Tale

Former Presidents have a difficult, even awkward, role. They cope in different ways, but if the past half-century is any guide, we can be certain of one thing: They write thei...

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