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Jody Rosen

Jody Rosen is a writer in New York and the author of White Christmas: The Story of an American Song (Scribner).

  • MusicJune 16, 2005

    Born Again in the USA

    In his latest album, Bruce Springsteen reaches for the Good Book.

    Jody Rosen

  • MusicMarch 16, 2005

    Finding Neverland

    At this writing, the first prosecution witnesses have begun testimony in the case of People v. Michael Joe Jackson.

    Jody Rosen

  • Arts and EntertainmentDecember 22, 2004

    Rapping on Empty

    Several weeks ago the 32-year-old hip-hop superstar Eminem, America’s staunchest and most spectacular amoralist, found himself in an unusual position, suddenly cast as the moral hope of his gener

    Jody Rosen

  • MusicOctober 21, 2004

    Guided by Voices

    The new Tom Waits album begins, in very Waitsian fashion, with a racket: a squall of percussive noise that sounds like it was recorded in a freight elevator.

    Jody Rosen

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  • MusicJuly 15, 2004

    His Majesty, Prince

    The 46th annual Grammy Awards ceremony began with a surprise performance by the pop virtuoso who is once again calling himself Prince.

    Jody Rosen

  • Autobiography and MemoirApril 29, 2004


    “This is a book written in the presence of music.” So begins Geoffrey O’Brien’s sprawling memoir-cum-critical essay, and the reader is tempted to ask: What book isn’t?

    Jody Rosen